What factors can impact your car accident settlement? Find here!


You suffered injuries and other losses in a car crash in Roseville. If the accident happened because the other driver was negligent or speeding, you could recover a settlement. Anyone who has filed an auto accident claim can tell you that the process can be daunting, especially because insurance adjusters often take unethical means to reduce settlements. Hiring a car accident lawyer can help you minimize missteps, and in this post, you can learn more about factors that can impact your settlement.

Your fault, if any

If you were also speeding at a time when the other car rammed into your vehicle, you would have to bear the consequences. California’s claimant-friendly laws allow a driver to file a lawsuit against the other, even when the former has a higher fault share. However, the final settlement will be reduced according to the fault share of both parties. Your lawyer can guide you on how your action may affect compensation figures.

Available evidence

You are filing the claim, which means you have the burden of proving and establishing the other party’s fault. If there is no evidence to nail the culprit, you may not recover anything. It all depends on how you act immediately after the accident and gather relevant details and evidence. One reason to hire an attorney is to minimize your losses. Injury lawyers often have resources and ways to find information and can help build a case.

Your injuries

If you escaped the mishap with a few bruises, your settlement would be on the lower side. However, when your injuries are severe, such as burn injuries, a skull fracture, or disfigurement, it can take months for you to get back to your regular job and life. The compensation for a car accident case also depends mainly on what the claimant has endured. Talk to your lawyer to know the damages you can recover.

Your ability to return to work

In case your injuries are likely to impact your job or how you work, you may be entitled to higher compensation. While circumstances can vary, claimants can recover more when the accident has taken away a chunk of their life and income. Lawyers often take such cases to court because insurance coverage may not cover all damages.

If you meet an accident lawyer to discuss your claim, ensure that you are honest about all details. Your lawyer needs to have access to evidence and other things pertaining to the accident.