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As the world rears up for a big traveling boom this summer, one destination you must consider is Budapest. As the capital of Hungary, Budapest is located in Central Europe and offers an eclectic mix of food, culture, and history characterized by its distinct geography and influence by neighboring countries.

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Now that your storage needs are all sorted, let’s take a look at some of the amazing features and experiences Budapest has to offer. 

Visiting Budapest 

A land made up of two distinct towns divided by the Danube River, Budapest was formed when construction of the aptly named Chain Bridge was completed in 1849. This brought together the hilly town of Buda on the Danube’s western bank and the flat town of Pest in the east to form modern-day Budapest. Together, these towns form the heart and center of your experience, offering an abundance of dining, shopping, cultural, and unique experiences. 

St. Stephen’s Basilica 

St. Stephen’s Basilica is perhaps the most photographed location in the city. Named after St. Stephen (King Istvan) the ornately built basilica houses a 315 foot dome, mosaics,  and the mummified hand relic of St. Stephen himself.

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Vaci utca

If shopping and dining is your fix, then Budapest offers one of the most exciting and dynamic shopping districts in Central Europe. Vaci utca is a well known pedestrian city street filled with the hustle and bustle of locals and visitors alike. On its northern end you’ll find store-lined storefronts whilst on the southern end is where you’ll find your fare of drinking and dining.

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Because of its busy walkways and huge tourist turnout, Vaci utca is known for many lurking opportunities looking to relieve you of your precious items. Use the storage and booking app to find and reserve luggage storage in Budapest to secure your luggage so that you can explore Budapest with ease. 

The Gellert Hotel and Baths 

Budapest is also known for its array of communal baths and pools. The Gellert Hotel and Baths is perhaps the best known destination, with its beautiful Neoclassical inspired swimming pool surrounded by ornate galleries, marble columns, and mosaics. It’s the ideal place for a swim during the summer months. Budapest is also known for its many saunas, steam rooms, and medicinal thermal baths, which date back to the 13th century. 

Margaret Island

In the middle of the Danube River you will find Margaret Island, also known as Budapest’s playground. The island was once the location of a 13th century Dominican convent that was home to Princess Margit, from whom the island gets its name, for much of her life. The island also features a sprawling Japanese garden, a tower offering panoramic views, and a monument commemorating the unification of Budapest. 

The Hungarian National Gallery and State Opera

Of course, no travel destination would be complete without the arts and culture, and Budapest is no exception. The Hungarian National Gallery features artwork from medieval times to the present day. With four floors featuring six exhibitions, the National Gallery offers an impressive collection of Hungary’s most prolific artists. The Hungarian State Opera, impressively and ornately designed, is home to many concert performances. Upon entering you are greeted by the statues of Franz Liszt and Ferenc Erkel, two of Hungary’s greatest composers. 

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