Top-Notch Detailed Travel Itinerary for Your Trip to Aruba in 2022


Traveling is good for your soul as it introduces you to new experiences and to places which you have never been to. Once in a while, you require a break from everyday life to go to a place just to have a relaxing time with your loved ones. Life is not always about working or chasing your goals, as you must take time out to pause and enjoy your time by exploring new destinations.

Picking Aruba for your next travel is the best choice as this island is a paradise in its all sense. The white sand beaches and the other sightseeing attractions are so alluring that you will never get enough of this place. This Caribbean has exotic as well as thrilling activities for people of all age groups. Even if you have traveled to one Caribbean Island, you must also visit Aruba as no two islands can be the same.

You must prepare a travel itinerary for your trip so that before going, you have everything sorted with you and you utilize your time to the fullest. Prepare the goals that you are wanting to achieve from your trip, and accordingly, you will be able to plan a tour travel itinerary to Aruba. Spending five days or more is enough to explore the island well and have a great vacation as well. Aruba is just a perfect getaway for the ones who are wanting to spend an incredible vacation. Visit here liangzhongmiye online best website.

Top Things To Try in Aruba

1. Click Pictures with Flamingos

The pink flamingos are a significant attraction of Aruba, but you will have to buy the one-day pass of the Renaissance Island as it is a private island. You will have the best time of your life at the private beach, and make sure to click a lot of stunning photos with the flamingos.

2. Stunning Natural Pool

Situated inside the Arikok National Park is the natural pool, which is a must-go spot for tourists. You can enjoy the Natural Pool by jumping in it, swimming, and doing snorkeling. Sometimes you may find a lot of people so you must wait for the rush to get over so that you can enjoy its beauty in seclusion.

3. Most Popular Eagle Beach

Eagle beach is the most popular and beautiful beach on the island. It also ranks at the third position in the list of the top beaches of the world. Experience tranquility at this beach, and make sure that you don’t miss out on this during your trip. White sand, crystal clear water, exotic marine life, adventure water activities, and lip-smacking street food delights. You will surely enjoy your time to the fullest at this stunning beach in Aruba.

4. Arikok National Park

Covering almost 20% of the island, the Arikok National Park is a treasure of the island that you must explore. You will find many exciting things to explore there, such as amazing hiking pathways, ancient caves with drawings that will take you back in history, and a natural pool where you can enjoy swimming.

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5. Caribbean Adventures

There are a ton of adventure Caribbean activities that you can do in Aruba, such as wreck explorations, snorkeling, off-roading tour, jeep tour, parasailing, kitesurfing, kayaking, and a lot more. For all the adventure freaks Around Aruba Tours & Rentals is the one stop destination as there is a lot of activities around which you can plan your days.

Where To Stay in Aruba

In Aruba you will find many accommodations where you can book your stay. Make sure that you book your accommodation at the earliest to avoid last minute hassles. In today’s time most of the people book their vacation stays online itself. Rather than staying at the hotel you can try out staying at the stunning vacation rental in Aruba which has a host of amenities and is situated at the prime location. Get the best Aruba vacation rental at and browse from the wide range of properties.

Here is the travel itinerary, which you must follow if you are traveling to the island for five days or more.

Day 1: Explore the Eagle Beach, Oranjestad, Casino, and Shopping

On the first day, you arrive in Aruba head straight away to your Aruba vacation rentals. You must relax and give your body some rest after the long traveling. Afterwards you can have a great time enjoying Eagle Beach. If you want to try the beach’s adventure activities, you can surely do so as the white sand beach calls you to have an ultimate time. You can also go to Oranjestad, the capital city, to enjoy the Dutch heritage places and the shopping complexes. At night you can enjoy the fantastic nightlife of Aruba, where you can go to try your luck at the Casino or enjoy your time at the nightlife places.

Day 2: Go for Snorkeling, Sunset Cruise, and Swimming

On the second day, you can enjoy the marine life of Aruba by trying our snorkeling. Even if you have not tried snorkeling before, then you must try it out, or else you might miss out on exploring the marine life. The sunset cruise is just the best, and you must experience the sunsets as they are enchanting as ever. If you only want to have a relaxing day, then you can enjoy swimming while sipping on your favorite drinks.

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Day 3: Adventurous Day with the Off-roading Tours

On the third day, you can try some adventurous things like ATV, UTV, or Jeep tour through which you can get the sightseeing tour of the island in the most compelling way. The other side of the island is all about the rugged coastline where only the challenging vehicles can go, and you will not be able to go through your car.

Day 4: Visit the Private Island

On the fourth day, plan your day to go to the private Renaissance Island where you can take pictures with the famous pink Flamingos. It is also not very far away from the main island, and you can either plan your stay there or only visit it for a day. The private island has a host of luxurious amenities which will make your vacation even more amazing.

Day 5: Explore San Nicolas and Other Beaches of Aruba

On the fifth day, you can spend some time at the other beaches of Aruba, and you will be able to enjoy the beach hopping adventure as each beach is as stunning as ever. After that, you can visit San Nicolas, enjoy the street art, and click many photos.

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