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If you’re looking for the latest in comic book filmdaily news, you’ve come to the right place The latest news on the Marvel Cinematic Universe includes: DAWN OF JUSTICE tickets going on sale, a Wolverine sequel greenlit, and GAMBIT dropping from the release schedule. Also, Wonder Woman polishes her golden lasso. Let’s take a look! And stay tuned for the latest news on comic books!

DAWN OF JUSTICE tickets are now on sale

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting ready for its theatrical release, and fans are starting to buy tickets online. Cinemark Theatres recently announced the date of the early ticket pre-sale. The presale begins Monday, February 29, at 10 a.m. ET and will provide additional data for the initial estimates of ticket prices in hiperdex. This news was first tweeted out by Cinemark.

In an effort to beat its competition, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has broken a record, making it the first film to make over $1bn worldwide. This means that the movie is expected to surpass the success of other blockbusters, including The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers. The other two films to surpass the $1bn mark are Fast & Furious 7 and Aquaman.

Wolverine sequel green light

A rumor has it that the second Wolverine movie will be shot in Japan, where Logan pursues a forbidden love affair. To win her heart, Logan must fight off her ferocious father and her samurai brothers. This movie could have a lot of mutant-centric elements, but there are no solid details. Director James Mangold is writing the script, with Hugh Jackman rumored to direct.

While we can’t know exactly what will happen in the upcoming Wolverine movie, we can assume that it will be a violent R-rated film. Wolverine movies have been known to feature graphic sex and action scenes, so this film will likely be a little more adult than the first one. However, the studio is determined to make the movie as family-friendly as possible, which is why he’s a popular choice for audiences.

GAMBIT removed from the release schedule

Despite the fact that it was set to be released in March 2020, 20th Century Fox has pulled the plug on Channing Tatum’s “Gambit” movie. The film, which was set to be directed by Rupert Wyatt and star Lea Seydoux, has been plagued with problems since the very beginning. The project had a director change and was reportedly in the works for several months before being pulled from the release schedule in toonily. The studio hasn’t given a reason for the delay, but a recent interview with Simon Kinberg revealed that he was reevaluating a number of projects, including Gambit.

The comic book movie had been scheduled for a March 13, 2020 release date, but the studio is no longer planning to release it. It has been reportedly placed on hold due to Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox. This was followed by the official cancellation of the film in May. A date for a rerelease of Gambit has yet to be set, so it’s unclear what the studio’s next move will be.

Wonder Woman polishes her golden lasso

It’s time to dust off Wonder Woman’s golden lasso, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the next movie to hit theaters! After all, the lasso is a key element of her heroics. Known as the “Wonder Woman lasso,” the weapon has a history of restoring memories and forcing people to do what she says.

The lasso was first introduced to Wonder Woman in the sixth issue of Sensation Comics. It wasn’t a weapon Diana used on other people much, and was introduced in an unexpected way. Queen Hippolyta had craftswomen make the lasso out of the chain links of her magic girdle. Then, Wonder Woman prayed to the goddesses Aphrodite and Athena, who came to visit her and reveal the lasso’s powers.

Wonder Woman learns German

If you love Wonder Woman, then you’re not alone – the popular comic book character is learning German for the upcoming comic book movie. Wonder Woman is a superhero in the DC Comics universe, and the German language will give her an edge in the movie in timesweb. In the film, she fights for the Allies, who need Wonder Woman to win the war. Learn German for the film, and you can play the part of Wonder Woman as well!

“Wonder Woman” uses real-world wartime horrors to create a compelling storyline. The film utilizes human suffering effectively, with the hero gathering mercenaries to stop a German nerve gas experiment. In the film, Wonder Woman interacts with a group of outsiders including Ewen Bremner, who plays a shell-shocked Scottish sniper Charlie, Said Taghmaoui, who plays an actor, and Eugene Brave Rock, a Native American chief.

Wonder Woman alphabetizes her receipts

When it comes to comic book movies, Wonder Woman is in her element. She’s always on the move, whether polishing her golden lasso or learning to speak German. Her superhuman strength and stamina have made her a sought-after superhero since the 1960s. She’s also known for learning how to alphabetize receipts and German, which are both useful skills in the comics industry. While learning German, Wonder Woman also keeps a secret diary, which she has kept for decades.