The Difference Between Pest Control and Exterminators


You might be thinking that pest control and exterminators are all the same. Although the use of these words is sometimes interchanged, they are two different jobs. This is a common misconception that is slowly being corrected.

Both pest control and exterminator services provide solutions for pests that invade your home. They are specially trained to deal with those unwanted guests through years of experience and the education they receive.

Possibly, you’re asking, “What makes them off from each other?” That’s a question that this article is about to answer for you, so keep on reading to find out!

What Are Considered Pests?

Rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, spiders, and many other “pests” are some of the things that pest control companies eliminate.

Pests are defined as any insects or animals that disrupt human activities. They will attack your property and destroy your crops, cattle, and home. They may be pretty dangerous to human health, depending on the species.

What Do You Mean By Pest Control?

Controlling, managing, reducing, or eradicating unwanted insects and other pests from areas used by people are known as pest control. Pest control is a way to lower pest populations to a manageable level.

An economically reasonable threshold is an acceptable threshold. This is typically where the administration of pest control techniques reduces pests only to the point where it’s most beneficial rather than entirely eradicating.

Who Are Exterminators and What Do They Do?

Exterminators kill pests using a variety of methods. They are typically college graduates who learn their skills on the job and through training programs in pest management that lead to a certification exam.

Exterminators must also take government-approved pesticide training courses to establish their proficiency with these substances in addition to such training courses.

They can help you locate pests and solve your pest management issues due to their skills. They accomplish this in the most well-organized, effective, and efficient way possible to quickly eliminate your problem.

What’s The Difference?

People often confuse pest control and exterminators and mistake them for the same thing. Although both deal with unwanted pests in your home, these two professions differ.

The critical difference lies in each professional’s approach toward the pest.

Technique or Method In Controlling Pests

Because pest control’s primary goal is future-oriented, they consider what happens even after they are out of your house.

Part of their job is to decide on specific strategies for getting rid of certain bugs and preventing their recurrence. Pest control prevents insect infestations and finds long-lasting remedies for them.

On the other hand, exterminators are more present-minded. If the issue reappears, a skilled exterminator will evaluate the situation and devise a personalized plan to stop it.

However, they deal with the immediate problem without addressing the fundamental cause. Exterminators effectively eliminate the pests and provide temporary solutions for continuously getting rid of the pests.

Long Term & Short Term Perspectives

Pest control takes the time to learn about the issue so that they can figure out a long-term solution to your problem. They will inspect the inside and outside of the house to find out where they are getting in, why they are there, and how to best get rid of them.

While exterminators currently eliminate any existing insects and pests, highly toxic chemicals are used by exterminators to eradicate the problem. Their main goal is to eliminate all issues as efficiently as possible.


A pest control specialist creates a unique approach for every issue. Treatment for beetles and termites is handled differently. Although they are both bugs, a pest control professional may provide different solutions for both.

They undergo considerable training and education to learn how to recognize the various insects, rodents, etc. and create the best remedy. 

An exterminator’s primary goal is to rid the area of pests. Chemicals might differ when dealing with specific problems, but the go-to solution is eradicating them by killing them.

Chemical Use

Exterminators use much heavier and more toxic chemicals to get the job done. They are trained to know their chemicals and how to use them. These chemicals may stay around the house and aren’t the healthiest for you, your family, and your pets.

Moreover, these chemicals are likely to be bad for the environment as well, so advocates of sustainability and the environment exterminators may not align with such values.

Pest control experts still use chemicals, but they are less toxic. They aim to use as many natural treatments as possible to solve the issue.

They also try various ways to manage the pests, so chemicals might not even be the answer, depending on what they think is best.

Additionally, pest management professionals are aware of pets’ role in the environment. Problems may be unwanted in the house, but they probably play a crucial part in the climate in your area.

Effect To The Environment

As mentioned previously, exterminators may use many chemicals and harsh ones too. This affects not only the living organisms in your home but the environment. The harsh chemicals may be toxic and pollute the air and environment.

Pest control is a much more eco-friendly and sustainable way to deal with pests. Pest control can come up with multiple unique ways to eliminate the problems, all tailored to you.

Additionally, there are some eco-friendly pest control companies out there that share the same sentiments as you. And recognize that there must be a more sustainable approach to getting rid of the pests while still being effective.


Pests are animals that cause harm or disrupt human operations. They tend to lurk around for food or shelter and find themselves settled in your home. Great for them, but not quite for you.

Thus, we have pest control. This is the managing, controlling, and ridding of pests from whatever area they are in.

A pest control expert will take a different strategy to eliminate pests than an exterminator.

Exterminators think more about the present situation and will likely give you solutions effective for the present. Whatever option is most effective and efficient will be the method an exterminator goes for, and complete eradication is the goal.

Depending on the pest and other factors, pest control will give you customized solutions. They will assess several things to determine how they can manage the problems and prevent them from coming back in the future.

They will likely want to do this in the most natural way possible and avoid destroying the ecosystem.

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