Several Social Media Metrics You Should Know


As a social media manager or someone who is interested in the work of social media platforms, you undoubtedly heard about social metrics. This is data that you use to understand the effectiveness of your social media strategies. All social media platforms allow you to know a lot of information and data about how people worldwide discover and interact with your brand. Focusing on social media metrics lets you see your work results and understand what you need to develop. It is interesting to know that metrics are included in the best small business software. Well, in this article, we will explore several social media metrics you should know. 

Twitter Metrics

Twitter, day by day, has become a multi-faceted network, customer service platform, and networking site. For businesses, having a Twitter means having a big customer base and brand recognition. Elon Musk implements Twitter subscriptions on his website, allowing users to subscribe to his tweets.

If you already have a Twitter page, you need to know something about Twitter metrics. These metrics provide you to know when to post on Twitter for engagement, understand your brand voice, understand how effective your customer service is, etc. There are different categories of Twitter metrics. There are profile-level metrics, Tweet-level metrics, Profile clicks, and else. You can choose the most relevant for your business and start tracking your Twitter metrics today.  

Facebook Page and Post Like Metric

The next metric is the Facebook page metric. You know that people use Facebook for different reasons. And just for this, metrics are essential to understand how engagement brings your Facebook page to your business. In other words, Facebook page and post-like metrics show how your page or posts perform. First, with this, you can understand your engagement level, and second the right time to post for your Facebook followers. Also, these metrics can show impressions. This means how often a post appears in someone’s follower’s timeline. So, this is a great way to understand your Facebook audience’s behavior and customs. 

Instagram Followers Metric

And finally, Instagram metrics. We know that Instagram is the most famous and engaging social media platform. And because of that, it is essential to use Instagram metrics and understand your Instagram follower’s behavior. Instagram followers metrics are several types; follower growth rate, engagement per follower, etc. Tracking one of these Instagram followers metrics is essential to increasing your customer engagement, engaging them, and improving what needs improvement. So, if you yet don’t use Instagram metrics, it is time to use them and get success for your business on this platform. 


In closing, understanding and analyzing social media metrics allow you and your marketing team to plan strategic success, engage with customers correctly, discover areas that need improvement, etc. So this is a great way to know about your progress and work process. Every goal in your strategy requires the right metric for understanding your efforts. This means that it is also essential to have clearly defined goals. So, add metrics to your social media marketing strategy and have a more valuable brand.