Quantitatively Oriented Singapore Investment Companies


Investment companies in any nation are the growth catalyst for economical and financial infrastructure development, in Singapore also these organizations play a crucial role in allocating, managing and analyzing the funds for their clients. Apart from directly contributing to some key management roles like asset, investment and risk management, they also actively participate in the corporate governance which helps to ensure that the companies adhere to the guidelines and perform their operations in an ethical manner. Below is the list of investment companies in singapore that help their clients achieve the investment objectives:

Temasek Holding Private LTD: A well established investment empire founded in 1974, this company is owned by the government of Singapore and has its headquarters in Singapore, China, India, US, UK, Brazil, Mexico and other countries. They invest in a diversified range of asset classes by a wide range of industries, such as media, real-estate, life sciences, agri-business, technology and other financial services. Recently the tech firm of the company known by the name of Living Carbon has led the funding for an environmental drive in collaboration with the world’s largest automaker Toyota where they are planning to increase the carbon absorbing capacity of trees.

Government of Singapore Investment corporation theviralnewj (GIC): It is the government owned unit that is used to manage the sovereign wealth funds of the nation, it was established in 1981 with the vision to invest in the sovereign wealth funds aggressively in higher yielding asset classes. It is one of the three major organizations that manage the fund reserves along with Temasek Holding and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). The Govt of Singapore being its prominent client, has the say in appointing or removing people from key positions in the organization and its financial statements are audited by the auditor-general of the country.

Blackrock Singapore Limited: It is one of the world’s leading financial institutions that provides investment solutions in terms of asset and risk management and other financial advisory services. Their clients are able to gain a broad exposure to the international capital markets as Blackrock provides them a range of financial approaches from rigorous fundamental and quantitative analysis to efficient indexing strategies. It deals with the portfolio management of different product types like pooled investment vehicles, investment companies and management of businesses and institutional investors.

Aberdeen Asset Management: It is one of the multinational corporations based out of Singapore and has its headquarters in the country as well as across the globe. They are among the top investment companies when it comes to the preference of the investors and they have immense expertise in managing investments, providing global solutions and dealing with the emerging markets. This is the reason they have a large client base across the world as they have been successful in enabling their clients to achieve their financial goals.

Franklin Templeton Investment (Asia): It is the global leader in investment solutions that has been investing in Asia for several years because they strongly believe this continent to be the leading capital market in near future for its dynamic economy. They have an original approach in market research and their managers are bargain-hunters that come up with valuable stock solutions.

Singapore operates on flexible investment policies and an open economy with the vision of maintaining and sustaining the economic development of the country. Being among the top names among the least corrupt nations, it is a perfect choice for investment.