Home Automation Isn’t Just for Techies Anymore


Home automation used to be the stuff of science fiction. Remote-controlled appliances, smart devices and robotic vacuum cleaners may have seemed fantastical just a couple of decades ago. Even relatively recently, such devices were prohibitively expensive and required a lot of technical knowledge to set up. All that’s changed, however, and now there are home automation solutions for any budget, and that even your grandparents could use.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation refers to a selection of products that can be used to manage things like lighting or the thermostat automatically. That could mean simple timers, or it could mean responding to triggers such as people going out or coming home. Those who have smart devices may be able to control their devices through an app on their phones.

What Can Home Automation Do For You?

Home automation has many benefits. Some people invest in this kind of technology because it makes life easier. It feels good to come home and have the automated lights switch on when they open the door, or for their favorite music to start playing on command.

It can be reassuring to know that the lights in the house are on motion sensors, so if you forget to switch them off, they won’t be wasting electricity all day while you’re at work. 

There can be security benefits to this kind of technology, too. Homeowners who invest in a home automation suite can set it up to perform certain tasks while they’re away. For example, if you go on holiday during the winter, you can set the system to keep the house at a set temperature and operate the lights at certain times. Simple timer-based systems have been around for a long time, even being a part of the plot of the first Home Alone movie, but modern home automation systems are more sophisticated. They can use randomized timers and can connect to smart applications so systems in the house can be controlled remotely by the owner.

Some home automation systems link up to security systems. The owner can not only view camera feeds but control the camera if it’s on a mount that can move. They may even be able to “cast their voice” through a smart device, so they can communicate with others in the home.

Is Home Automation Secure?

When properly configured, home automation systems are secure and robust. If you’re not confident in your ability to set up an automation system that relies on smart devices (also known as Internet of Things devices), working with a company that understands these technologies could be a good idea.

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