Get Started with Xfinity Premium Channels


Xfinity TV is your ultimate source for outstanding entertainment. Loaded with various on-demand, different streaming apps, live TV, sports channels, and Xfinity Premium Channels the internet service provider is providing a better way to watch TV. 

Moreover, you will also get many other additional perks if you go for Xfinity TV plans or packages such as DVR, its award-winning Voice Remote, and other countless features for free. All these services are not less than a treat for most of us that not only strengthen our relationship with the ISP but will also stand Xfinity out from others in the industry. 

What else a viewer wants apart from DVR, Voice remote and other essentials is the accessibility to premium channels for free. Isn’t it? Of course, it is. Watching your favorite channels, TV shows, reality shows, or else is in dire need of every viewer. And that’s why we all get cable TV services against a good sum of fee which we have to take out of our pocket every month.

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Paying for the TV channels that you don’t like or watch does not make any sense. Therefore, Xfinity TV has offered its customers to select premium channels. So, you can always have an incredible experience while spending your time in front of your smart TV. Because, at Xfinity customers is always come first no matter which one or more of its services including internet, home phone, and cable TV service you are using. 

Xfinity TV: Your Ultimate Choice

The ISP will make sure to not disappoint you whether it comes to freedom of choice, customizing services as preferences and needs like cable TV, affordable price tags, internet speed, and else. However, if you have landed on this blog in the search of how to add or drop premium channels from your Xfinity TV plan congratulations you have made the right decision.

Why is it so? Because we have simplified the entire procedure for adding or removing premium channels from any Xfinity TV package or plan in this blog for you. So, you can easily learn how you can make any desired changes in your existing channels lineups without seeking any technical support from the internet service provider. 

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Now, let’s check out how we have made the process of adding or dropping premium channels from your Xfinity TV lineups a piece of cake without any further delay.

How to Add or Drop Premium Channels

For making any changes in your Xfinity TV channels lineup you need to access the Xfinity My Account app. You can use your tablet or smartphone to carry out the entire process. We have listed down some quick and simple steps that will assist you to manage and arrange a premium channel lineup without calling a customer support representative. 

But before start exploring these steps you need to download your Xfinity My Account app on your system. If you are an iPhone user or using other Apple devices you can get this app from iTunes and for Android users, Xfinity Account App is available on Google Play. However, if you don’t want to use these platforms and looking forward to accessing this app online then you can click on this link for reaching the app. Similarly, your Xfinity X1 voice remote can get you to the My Account app just by saying “My Account” into it. 

Steps for Acquiring Your Favorite Premium Channel Lineup

Go through these steps to get your favorite premium channels but do not forget to follow these steps in order.

  1. Open your Xfinity My Account app on your mobile, tablet, or online and log in to the app.
  2. After successfully logging in, scroll down the dashboard to find the section “Need to change something”. 
  3. Then, select the option of Manage Premium Channels. For your convenience, we have added pictorial presentations of these steps as well. So you will have more clarity regarding these steps. 
  4. Now mark the checkbox for the subscription of channels you are interested to add to your new subscription. 
  5. Whereas, for canceling any subscription you have to deselect the checkbox so you can easily remove the subscription you or your family don’t like.
  6. Before confirming any changes make sure you review your new subscriptions. So, click the Review Change tab and review the new subscriptions before moving to the confirmation step.
  7. Once done with reviewing new subscriptions now you have to confirm the changes you made by clicking on Confirm Change tab.
  8. However, if you want to edit changes you have made go back to the Edit Change option. 

In a Nutshell 

Xfinity always looks forward to interacting with its customers to provide optimal convenience, easy and fast resolutions. Therefore, the internet service provider comes up with simple and understandable methods for customers. Thus, its customers do not face trouble or difficulty to resolve various issues while reaching out to its website, applications, or portal without seeking help from its technicians.

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However, its customer support service remains active in assisting every client for overcoming issues and problems round the clock and seven days a week. So, you do not need to hesitate for getting any technical support at Xfinity. is one of the best website where you find out latest news also click here for more information. You can visit here to know more and if you want to get various types of news then check out this site