Best Team in NBA 2K22 All-Time


One of the most famous teams in NBA history is the New York Knicks. This isn’t entirely surprising as they have a full roster and two young stars in Jayson Tatum and Evan Fournier. But if you’re looking for a great post player in NBA 2K22, look no further than the Boston Celtics. They have a complete team with players rated in the 90s and are a perennial contender.

This team features the two-time defending champions, the Chicago Bulls. They had legendary players like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman, and they also had a deep bench with Steve Kerr, Scott Burrell, and Juechler. However, this team lacks depth, and the bench isn’t as strong as the All-time greats.

The Bulls were a perennial contender. They had the aging superstars Paul George, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. However, the bench is strong, as they feature Marcus Morris Sr., Reggie Jackson, and Kevin McHale. They are also a great option if you want a balanced team. They’re always ready to score and they’re a good option to have on the court.

Next, the Miami Heat is another great choice. While they don’t shoot well from three, they can compete with any team. They’re the best team in NBA 2K22 and they can compete with any team, no matter the seed. Despite being one of the worst teams in the game, they’ve won four championships. While the NBA has been losing since it first launched in 1996, the Bucks are still a top contender.

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The Bulls are among the best teams in NBA 2K22 all-time. Their roster is filled with the greatest players in NBA history. The Clippers are the best team in the game because they are the greatest in real life. If they’re able to compete against any team, they’ll win. You’ll feel proud to be a part of this legacy. But there are some weaknesses in this list.

The Bulls are the best team in NBA 2K22. They were two-time champions and fielded the legendary trio of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman. The bench of the Bulls is the strongest in NBA 2K22. It has a 78-66 overall rating, with the most talented player on the team. But the bench of the game is the most important position in this game.

Final Touch

The Warriors are arguably the best team in NBA 2K22. They have a starting five of Kevin Durant (97 overall), Stephen Curry (96), Klay Thompson (92), and Draymond Green (87). Each player is an elite scorer and a great rebounder. The Warriors are one of the most balanced teams in NBA 2K22, and they have the best starting five.

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