Answer all nose problems with the Open Rhinoplasty method.


Open rhinoplasty or surgery open nose is – the use of open rhinoplasty technique is a technique that is very popular in foreign countries. Because the surgeon can adjust every type of nose structure to the desired style. The surgeon will open an incision under the base of the nose together with an incision in the 2 nostrils to correct the internal nasal structure. Whether it’s adjusting the bone base, nailing the nose base, adjusting the size of the nose base to make it smaller Correction of a rose nose, bone filing, hump, cut the alar, or even correct the position of the middle septum and lengthen the septum as well. Suitable for people with problems Less nasal tissue, short nose, thin nose tip People who have had rhinoplasty before and have a problem with the nose, crooked nose, floating silicone, inflamed nose tip, perforated nose, need surgery to correct the nose. You can consult a surgeon to analyze the problem and design a new nose shape. To get the beautiful nose shape in the way you like the most.

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Advantages of Open Rhinoplasty technique :

During the surgery, the surgeon will be able to see all the problems and structures of the nose. making it possible to fix the problem of the nose on the spot. Correction of a short nose straightens the crooked nose Can correct a big nose to make it smaller It is possible to perform nose reshaping surgery more than closed rhinoplasty. Therefore, open rhinoplasty is suitable for all types of noses. Especially those who have a lot of nose structure problems. The nose structure must be restructured to correct the nose better. Most use ear cartilage or rib cartilage. Bring to sharpen and enhance the prominent instead of using silicone. The cartilage behind the ear and ribs are safe for the body. less complication No reaction against the body Helps to increase the thickness of the tip of the nose in people who have problems with thin nose tip, less nasal tissue

Highlights of open nose

– For those who have a very deformed nose problem This way, the problem can be solved directly and completely.

– Decorating the tip of the nose to make it stand out, it will look naturally beautiful. This is because open nose surgery uses techniques to bring in parts of the body to decorate more, such as bringing the cartilage behind the ear to fill the tip of the nose to make the nose longer. Or support the tip of the nose to fix the problem of thin nose tip, etc.

Who should have open rhinoplasty?

  1. People with disproportionate nose, short nose, large nasal bone base crooked nose base, crooked nose, flat nose, humped nose, upturned nostrils, less nose, thin nose tip
  2. People who have nose augmentation with closed technique and don’t answer the question.
  3. People who have had open nose surgery and want to fix it.
  4. People who want a natural nose shape