A Step-by-Step Guide on a Personal Injury Claim Process for First-Timers


It might be the first time that you have received injuries in an accident and you are haywire about the next steps. You will have to file a personal injury claim if you want to get paid for medical expenses and losses you have received. In this case, you will need to contact a personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids. By having him on your side, you can rest assured that you are following the right steps.  You will have to follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to claim your losses.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer

Most people think that they are good enough to handle their cases by themselves.  However, there are several benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer.  He can assist you in filing the case, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies, and filing a lawsuit if required. All of these tasks need an expert’s management. That’s why the first step should be to contact a lawyer.

Notification to parties involved 

Your lawyer will send the notice to an insurance company or another party that the plaintiff is going to file a claim. In return, they will acknowledge stating that the company has received the letter and it will investigate the claim without making any comment on the liability. At this stage, another party or the insurance company does not accept the blame for the accident.

Investigation and discovery of the case

At this step, the lawyer will take into account all the documents, statements, and reports to review the case. If the documents are not present, he can collect them himself because you might be injured. He will look at the case from his perspective and establish the liability of the case. He takes note of the points where another party is completely at fault.

Negotiation with the insurance company

This is the most important step of any claim because both parties discuss the amount, which is suitable for both. The insurance company may start from the lowest amount. However, your attorney will not settle for less and takes his own time to accept the offer. In many cases, negotiation does not occur smoothly.

Filing a personal injury lawsuit 

If the negotiation is not possible, the personal injury lawyer recommends filing a lawsuit against the insurance company or another party. The judge gives his verdict depending on the facts of the case.

Your personal injury lawyer will help you get the right amount.