What should you know about financial abuse in a nursing home?


A nursing home is where you leave your elderly loved ones with the thought that the nursing home staff will take good care of your loved ones. You never even imagine how much your loved ones suffer in a nursing home. Sadly, helpless nursing home people are subjected to physical and emotional abuse and neglect. Another abuse they face is financial abuse, and financial is a sort of abuse that you may not have heard much of. 

Financial exploitation in nursing homes can result in financial losses and personal pain for the victim and their family. If you feel that your loved ones are going through these abuses, you need to hire a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer who will help you and your loved one in these conditions.

What is financial abuse, and how much is common in a nursing home?

Before defining the financial abuse, we discuss other violations faced by the older people in the nursing homes.

Types of nursing home abuse.

Older adults face different types of abuse, including physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.

  • Physical abuse

Anything that deprives residents of their necessities for existence and dignity, such as food, warmth, shelter, and a sanitary environment, is considered physical carelessness. When a resident in a nursing home suffers bodily harm, discomfort, or impairment due to mistreatment or neglect, it is regarded as physical abuse, for example, active abuse (hitting, kicking, slapping, etc.)

  • Emotional abuse

Emotional abuse generally refers to non-physical abuse, such as insults, Annoyance, Yelling, and warnings. Emotional abuse can also include depriving a patient of their dignity, for example, by leaving them in soiled clothes or refusing to allow them to make choices over daily decisions.

  • Neglect

Neglect is a different kind of abuse in that it usually refers to a random act.  filmefy For example, a caretaker’s failure to give food, medical treatment, or protection is neglect. Neglect in general and in medicine can result in pressure sores and illnesses.

Financial abuse/exploitation

One of the most common types of elder abuse is financial abuse. According to estimates, one out of every five adults has been a victim of elder financial exploitation. Most nursing home residents have physical or cognitive problems, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, making them rely on nursing home staff. And nursing home staff take advantage of their ill-health.

 Abuse of one’s financial resources can take on a variety of forms, one of which is when caregivers deny their patients access to the funds they require in order to make purchases. Financial abuse occurs all too frequently when an abusive caregiver takes advantage of their position to obtain access to the finances of the person they are caring too.

Types of financial abuse.

Some of the most common financial abuses are included, such as:

  • Shoplifting of money or personal belongings.
  • Someone who is supposed to be managing the victim’s funds commits fraud.
  • The marketing of unsuitable financial products, such as non-compliant mortgage enterprises, high-fee or high-risk investments, insurance product fabrication, or similar actions.
  • Unauthorized transactions or moves of the victim’s real estate.
  • Contractors who do not complete projects are examples of services that are billed but never received.
  • Scams involve the transmission of monies to collect “winnings” from a lottery or prize.
  • Electronic fraud, such as scam emails, computer fraud, or telemarketing fraud, are examples of electronic fraud.

How common is financial abuse in nursing homes?

You will be shocked when you know that Over half a million elderly individuals are abused yearly. Not everyone in this group now resides in a nursing home. The fact that so many elderly individuals fall victim to financial abuse, on the other hand, ought to make you suspicious. 

Why are so many elderly people being singled out for attack? People who are over the age of 50 cling on to roughly 70 percent of their wealth despite the fact that they are no longer able to work. In addition, the mental acuity of some elderly people has decreased significantly compared to how it formerly was. It should be extremely embarrassing and alarming for everyone. thedocweb You can visit this site xfire and Zeepost site you get to best information Visit here rapidshare and Click here viewster

As a result, when you have a large group of people with money who may be prone to scams owing to deteriorating mental faculties, someone will try to take advantage of them. It is more likely that the people who take care of them will benefit most.


If you sense that your loved ones are battling these abuses, you don’t need to feel guilty. As a replacement, it would help if you got the abuse to the facility, or you can also ask for help from the Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. They are here to help you, and if you decide to file a lawsuit against the nursing home, you will need some evidence that makes your case strong in financial abuse. You should have copies of your elder one’s bank record which you can show to your lawyer and the court. 

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