What is a Direct Report on LinkedIn?


A direct report, as the name implies, is a person directly reporting to an individual above them within a company or organization. Usually, these are the supervisors, managers, team leaders, or the company’s hierarchy.

But do you know what is a direct report on LinkedIn? How can you add it, and how can it benefit you differently?

If you want answers to these questions, continue reading this article until the end. Let’s get started!

· What is a Direct Report on LinkedIn Mean?

In LinkedIn, a direct report is associated with a person responsible for directly reporting to another person above him in an organization or company. Typically, the direct reports are generated from supervisors responsible for specific tasks or any person conducting operations in a company. However, sometimes, it is difficult to cope with the continuous changes in the circumstances.

· How Can Members Add Direct Report on LinkedIn?

Adding a direct report on LinkedIn is a simple process. You can follow this guideline:

  1.     Click on the ‘My Network’ and the ‘Create” button.
  2.     Once you look at the ‘Create” button, you can access the feature ‘Add Teammates.’
  3.     When you have clicked on ‘Add Teammates’, including your peers, managers, or direct reports.

· How to Manage Direct Report on LinkedIn

Once you have access to a direct report on LinkedIn, start by searching which person should you contact to send the direct report to their head of the departments:

  1.     Use the search option to look for the people behind the employee management. It should be the one who dramatically understands how to deliver a direct report.
  2.     Secondly, match your management style with the needs of your employees.
  3.     Consider the involvement of your teammates in decision-making—the ones you had to take for the client’s well-being and the betterment of your organization.
  4.     Make a good impression on an employee who has to report to you directly, leading to completing tasks.

·  Manage Your Work Properly with Direct Reports

Using the option of the direct report enables to manage the work more efficiently. For example, if you have assigned a task to a supervisor, you don’t have to ask every worker about the task’s status separately. Ask the supervisor about the direct report, and you will be completely updated. The more you get the direct reports, the fewer the chances of error in the task.

·  Why is it Necessary to Have Direct Report?

Distributing tasks properly and guiding the employees can be easily managed through direct reports. It cannot only complete all the tasks in a series but also help the employees improve their efficiency during work.

Furthermore, direct reports significantly impact large companies and big organizations where they have to manage numerous tasks regularly with equal efficiency and excellent results.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn had introduced the feature of adding teammates and direct reports in 2019, where a member can share and see the posts and information with their formal and current colleagues. You can also use LinkedIn automation tools to enhance your productivity and increase opportunities.

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