Things To Know Dream Clubs


DreamClub is a high school club that supports the Dreamers. Its name comes from “Dreamers,” a term coined by Congress as a means of granting legal status to undocumented youth and providing them a path to citizenship. Dreamers are defined by their aspirations for the future. These youth are often in the United States illegally, and Dreamers can identify with these people’s dreams.

Undocumented vs. undocumented

The Dreamclub is a campus organization that raises funds and awareness for undocumented students. The goal is to help them gain private scholarship money to supplement the lack of public aid. Students in the Dream Club are divided between documented and undocumented. The first two years of the Dream Club, students raised $400 by passing baskets at faculty meetings. The Dream Club also encourages students to share their stories through poetry.

During the sixth annual Making Dreams Come True dinner, members of the Dream Club shared their personal stories of immigration and being undocumented. Former councilwoman Barbara Pierce spoke and Congresswoman Anna Eshoo presented a certificate of recognition to the Dream Club. The evening has increased awareness of undocumented students and has provided support for many Dreamers. Dream Club members Abbi Lopez, Deisy Lara, and Claudia Perez Jimenez shared their stories of their journeys to the United States. Other Dreamers Juliet Rosales shared about her father’s citizenship status.

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Annual conference

The dream of college for undocumented youth started seven years ago when students from Sequoia High School began organizing an annual conference. The students began their work after hearing of the hardships that undocumented students faced in getting a college education. Today, Dream Club has grown to be a powerful presence in the Bay Area community, providing inspiration to Dreamers and allies. Its annual conference is open to all, and features more than 100 presentations from world renowned keynote speakers and peer-reviewed research. The conference also includes an ever-popular dream ball where attendees can dress up in costumes.

The third annual Dreamclub conference features a keynote speaker, a panel discussion, and an opportunity to network with other women. Speakers will address a variety of topics related to women’s interests. The event will include a silent auction, networking, and music. Attendees are encouraged to wear hats for the event. Dream Club Bermuda welcomes all women to attend, and admission costs PS2.

High school club dedicated to supporting Dreamers

A high school club dedicated to helping undocumented students pursue their dreams is growing in California. Founded last year, the Dreamers Club empowers undocumented students by providing them with a safe space to discuss their challenges. The group meets on the first and third Fridays of the month, either in person or over Zoom. Its members include students Carolina Munce and counselors Nancy Chavero and Carla Stoner-Brito. Members also have the opportunity to receive free immigration legal services.

Dreamers clubs provide undocumented students with a safe place to discuss their experiences and fight for their rights. They help students identify financial aid and scholarships and provide guidance for their continued education. Students can share their fears and concerns and get support from peers who have been through the same experiences. Dreamers clubs have grown in number in the last three to four years, especially in states with significant numbers of undocumented teens.