Photo Albums: The Perfect Way to Immortalize your Precious Memories 


We all have wonderful memories that we have immortalized through pictures. Fortunately, taking pictures is now very easy due to technological devices like smartphones and tablets. But storing the photos in the tech devices comes with the risk of losing them. This is can be occasioned by the loss of the devices or it breaking down. Even in this age when there are social media like Instagram where we share photos, our accounts are prone to be hacked and the images deleted.

Preserving precious pictures through a photo album is a sure way to keep the memories alive. They allow you to organize pictures that have a deep meaning to you. The photo album is an excellent way of entertaining your guest by giving them a sneak peek into your past and present life. Additionally, children are able to learn about their past through such memories.

Here are a few tips on how to make a great photo album:

1. Print out your photos:

If you are making a yearly photo album, print and store your favorite photos in a dedicated place ready to commence when the time is appropriate. 

2. Choose the album style and theme you want:

A few factors can help you determine this. For example, do you want travel photos together? Or do you want your family reunion photos together? Or are you more of a mix and match and you just want all the photos to follow a chronological order from the first to be taken to the last? 

There are limitless options depending on what comes to mind and what pleases you!

3. What’s your Story?

Whichever theme you choose, whether all photos together or dividing them into sub-themes, following a chronological order makes the album more appealing. For example, when organizing a wedding photo album section, you start by displaying the bride and groom preparation pictures, followed by the first look pictures, then onto the wedding vow pictures followed by the reception ceremony photos. 

4. Photos Display

Include all types of pictures. Close-up photos, group photos, action photos; just be free to experiment to make your album as exciting to look at as possible. Change the photos from page to page to thrill your album viewers and if possible add captions to the photos. If you choose to take this direction, keep your wording to a bare minimum to avoid boring your alum viewers with too many words. Remember they should be enjoying viewing and not reading!

5. Display your Album:

Lastly, keep your photo album where it is easily visible and accessible. A coffee table would be a very ideal space on which to set it.

A beautiful photo album is always a reminder of the changes we have been through and how such moments have shaped our lives. It presents us with a sense of belonging and the deep knowledge that our lives have been purposeful and that we are surrounded by people who care about us. It is by preserving such beautiful memories through a photo album that we are able to truly own our journey in life and aspire to be and do better.