Kirill Yurovskiy: How to organize a home theater in your living room: 7 tips


It is difficult to allocate a separate room for home theater, but in fact it is possible to improvise – to arrange a comfortable TV-zone in the living room.

Let’s figure out together how to do it and what it takes. And at the end of our material we have prepared a bonus: a selection of kind and inspiring films to spend a good evening.

To choose a TV or a projector

Clearly this is a must, but we couldn’t not mention it. The larger the size of the TV screen, the more atmospheric the setting will be while watching a movie. But keep in mind that experts recommend choosing a screen diagonal so that it is three times less than the distance from the TV to the viewer.¬†

Instead of a TV, you can use a projector, which will give a big picture, as in a real theater. In addition, the projector will take care of your health – it does not produce harmful radiation and is safe for the eyes. But in order not to blur the image and its quality is not lost, it is better to buy a special screen.

Put soft and comfortable seats

Comfortable seating is an obligatory attribute of a comfortable TV-zone. Here choose to your taste: it can be a large upholstered sofa or several deep armchairs. More info here

In small living rooms it is convenient to use frameless furniture, such as pears chairs. They are comfortable to sit in, you can pick up under your feet or sit half-lying. Plus, these chairs are lightweight, so carry them from place to place can even a child.

Complete the TV area with a table

The movie theater, even at home, is also about atmosphere. And agree, while watching a movie you often want something to chew on, and this “something” needs somewhere to be put.

A coffee table will do the trick: glasses with lemonade, a plate with goodies, a remote control and a cell phone will be near, but not on the floor. If the furniture needs to be rearranged after the movie, choose mobile tables on wheels or side-by-side models.

Consider light control

During the movie the TV or projector should be the only light source. This way the picture will be brighter and it will be easier to create the atmosphere of a real movie theater. Blackout curtains will prevent sunlight from entering the room, even if you intend to watch a movie during the day.

And in order not to have to argue who will go on and off the lights in the room this time, use smart bulbs. They can be controlled through a mobile app or voice assistant, and you can adjust the intensity and color without getting off the couch.

Organize a storage system

Most likely, a makeshift movie theater can’t do with just a sofa and a coffee table. You need somewhere to put the TV, the soundbar, and to hide the modem. And you’ll also want to arrange the decor – after all, it’s a house, not a public room. This is where a cabinet, shelf unit, and shelves come in handy.

If you do not want to overload the space, choose hanging furniture without unnecessary details – it looks easy and does not draw attention to itself.

Choose textiles for coziness and noise absorption 

With a place to sit, you can improvise, especially if a large company gathered. For example, scatter decorative cushions on the floor and sit comfortably on a soft carpet.

By the way, textiles cope well with the problem of noise absorption. So do not cross it off your shopping list if you do not want to disturb the neighbors during movie nights.

Find the right utensils and kitchen accessories

To continue the theme of goodies, stock up on deep bowls for popcorn, glasses with straws, and slicing bowls.

Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks before the movie and arrange everything on the coffee table – then you won’t have to pause the movie and run to the kitchen for more.

When your home theater is ready, it’s time to get comfortable and turn on a good movie. Picked five good movies that are nice to watch with your loved ones.


A warm family drama that tells the story of a boy with an unusual face. The film is about the relationship of children with the outside world, about parental love, about a society that does not always accept “other” people.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

The touching story of a golden retriever named Enzo and his owner Danny can touch you to the core. This is not just another cute story about a dog, but a powerful drama about the meaning of life and the price of victory. You can watch it with the whole family, but be prepared to cry – and more than once.

The Intern

A life-affirming melodrama that will convince you that you have to live in the here and now. The widower protagonist, played by Robert De Niro, is 77 years old. But age and position do not prevent him from getting a job as a senior intern at an online fashion store. The film is worth watching to at least be inspired for new achievements.

2 + 1

A comedy drama sdasrinagar filled with light and kindness. The film is about the life of a young man who has always lived an easy and fun life. Until one day, one of his ex-girlfriends gives him a baby. He wants to give his daughter back to her mother, but things turn out very differently.

Collateral Beauty

A poignant film about simple yet complex things. The main character is heartbroken, and his colleagues try to save him. To do this, they hire actors who will appear as Love, Death, and Time. But what will the result be? This story will show that even after great tragedy it is possible to come back to life.