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Kickass is a fictional superhero who has become famous through a YouTube video. It is about a man named Michael Lizewski, who was released from prison with multiple metal plates on his body. The plates caused delayed reactions to pain, and it was not long before he was seriously considering giving up crime fighting. Fortunately, an onlooker recorded the video and uploaded it to YouTube. The video quickly became a viral sensation, and made Lizewski a household name overnight.

The story begins in New York City, where Kick-Ass is a high school student and lives with his friend Todd. Dave is employed part-time at a comic book store and works at a fast food restaurant, but he is unhappy in his job. His father is angry and kicks him out of the apartment. However, he is saved by his best friend, Mindy, who convinces him to become a superhero.

During this time, Kick-Ass meets his father in prison and tells him that everything is going to be fine. Unfortunately, his father finds out about his new identity through newspaper clippings, and his anger grows. He runs away from home and goes to the Justice Forever HQ to make amends. The two go on to save their father. Ultimately, Kick-Ass becomes a hero.