Jamendo | jamendo music download | How to Find Music on Jamendo


Jamendo is a Luxembourg-based music website, where independent artists can share their original music and engage with other music lovers. It is a subsidiary of Audio Valley and an Independent Management Entity since 2019. Founded in 2009, Jamendo is a great place to discover new and unknown artists. In 2019, Jamendo launched an independent management structure, which has made the platform more independent than ever. Its aim is to make independent music available for everyone to enjoy.

To share your music with other Jamendo users, you can add your own information, including your name and email address. You may not want to reveal too many details, but if you feel comfortable doing so, you can provide other information about yourself. For example, if you play music on your computer, you can include details about the instrument you use and the software you use. This way, other people can hear what you’re listening to and get in touch with you if you ever want to perform it yourself.

Another way to find music on Jamendo is by tag and genre. Users can search for songs by tags and genre, such as conventional pop, rock, drone, breakcore, and more. After selecting a tag, the site lists all albums with the same tag in order of popularity. If you like a song, you can download it and use it in your playlist as background music. The music on Jamendo is free and legal to download, making it a great option for people who love music.