How Can You File A Nursing Home Abuse Complaint?


Nursing home abuse is an extremely common problem in the US. Though nursing homes are the place where elders are expected to get shelter, protection, respect, care, and proper medical treatment. Unfortunately, this is not the reality as 1 out of 10 in age 60 confront nursing home abuse, according to the survey. 

The elders get mistreated and face emotional, physical, sexual and verbal abuse in the nursing homes. One study reported that approximately one-fourth of adults have faced at least one type of abuse while living in nursing homes. Although the sad fact is that very few cases get reported and the rest of the population avoids reporting.

However, reporting the case is one effective thing you can do for yourself and your loved one. You can take legal help from a West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer. Your lawyer will help you to hold the offenders accountable and will get you fair compensation so the offenders can learn a lesson and won’t repeat the same mistake. 

I’m going to share some steps that will help you in filing a complaint against offenders. 

Don’t Ignore The Behavioral Change in Elders

How will you get to know that your elders are facing abuse? Few elders take the step and come forward with the allegation of abuse but some older are unable to talk or not in senses to inform their families as they are paralyzed. You can notice the change in the behaviour of elders. You will feel like they are upset, with watery eyes or they are not responding and not showing their presence. Don’t ignore this change, this is an alarming situation. Check their body parts if there is any injury, do notice their room and the bed sheet whether it’s dirty or clean and most importantly the behaviour of staff. Ask your loved ones, if they are accepting it then move them to a safe place.

Document the Incident

How will you prove that you or your loved one has faced nursing home abuse? Who will trust you without any evidence? That is why documenting the incident is crucial to support your claim. 

  • Note down whatever you witnessed
  • Record what your loved one said to you about abuse
  • Take pictures if you saw the dirty bed sheets or injuries on the body of the victim 
  • Note the name of a caretaker who is involved in the allegation
  • Talk to other residents and ask them how they are getting treated.
  • Did any of the residents witness the abuse of their loved ones?

If you feel like any of the residents has witnessed but are hiding because they are scared of what will happen to them then assure them that you won’t take their names or their lawyer will appeal in court to provide them protection.

Well, Collect as much evidence as you can. The evidence makes your case stronger and helps you to get good compensation. 

Report to Police

Reporting to the police will help you to create an official record. Police will investigate the case and they will also arrest the offender based on a situation like if the offender has badly abused the elder and the elder has undergone severe injuries. 

Reporting to police makes such a situation that the wrongdoing community gets a warning and silent threat. They avoid the mistake then.

You Can Also File a Complaint to the Authorities 

Many authorities are working against the offenders. You can complain at the 

  • National Center of Elder Abuse (NCEA) and can contact them online
  • Adult protective services (APS), take the action and charge the offenders for the abuse.

You will find local authorities in your city but taking legal help from the lawyers is one of the reliable options. 

Take Medical Help

Sometimes it’s difficult to judge whether your elder is facing abuse or going through the symptoms of old age. Problems like bedsores, bruises or dehydration are not just the results of nursing home abuse. So it’s better to consult a medical expert and confirm.  

In Last I would like to ask

Don’t you believe in the power of raising your voice? Don’t you want to do something that helps humanity and stops offenders from doing nursing home abuse? 

Indeed, You are the strength and you have the power, as well as the right to stop this abuse by generating awareness and taking legal actions against wrongdoers.

Hire A Lawyer 

If you know anyone who has faced nursing home abuse and suffering psychology and emotionally or has gone through physical abuse in their old age. Thus don’t wait for a moment, report to the police and hire a West Palm Beach Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer. The lawyer will help you and your dear one to get justice. And most importantly don’t worry about the lawyer fees as you need not toy until you win.