Essential Safety Tips For Motorcycle Riders


Motorcyclists experience the sensation of joy when they ride a motorcycle. For those who love riding bikes, It gives them a feeling of freedom. No doubt a motorbike is one of the convenient, less expensive vehicles for a single or maximum of two people and helps you to easily cross off the heavy traffic. 

However, you can’t deny the fact that motorcycling is the most dangerous ride compared to other automobiles. If proper precautions are not taken then the motor rider can face a severe accident. According to the statistics of the (DOT) Department of Transportation,  motorcyclists are 70% to 80% more at risk of fatal accidents than people in a car and the death ratio of motorcyclists is higher compared to other automobiles. 

These statistics indicate that motorcycle riders need to take extra care while riding a motorcycle and should have knowledge of their basic rights. Like if they face an accident and suffer from a severe injury due to the negligence of any car driver then riders should take legal action against the wrongdoers and claim compensation. It’s better to hire a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will handle everything until you get a complete recovery. 

Essential Safety Tips

Most importantly, you should take safety measures and adopt some habits that help you to protect yourself from severe casualties as your life is precious and priceless. Thus, Making efforts to save your life is mandatory. Here are some tips that will help you to enjoy your ride

•The safety course is worthy

Most people ignore the safety course as they are worthy to take for protecting your and others’ life. You learn rules and regulations of the road, cautionary practices and how to tackle unpredictable situations. These courses are specially designed for beginners as they learn the skills and build confidence.

•Examine your bike before going for a ride

Make it a habit to analyze your bike before taking a ride. 

  • The most important things to check are fuel and tire pressure. This is the main cause of the accident, as the motorcycle suddenly stops in the middle of the road due to empty fuel or the tire bursts out if the pressure is less.
  • Further, you should check the headlights as they are necessary to protect you from incidents at night. 
  • Do check the brakes, mirrors and handles

All parts should work properly otherwise, there is a greater risk.

•Avoid riding in bad weather 

During hard days like heavy rain, snow or storms, you should avoid riding a motorcycle and prevent yourself from danger. The chances of bike slipping increase these days because motorcycle traction is less compared to a car. Moreover, the bike riders do not have visibility during rain or storms. 

•Don’t go outside without motorcycle gears

The motorcycle is an open vehicle so it’s essential to wear gears as they prevent you from debris, elements and road rashes. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), there are appropriate gears for motorcyclists including helmets, leather jackets and pants, ankle boots and anti-slippery gloves.

•Follow traffic rules

It has been reported that a large number of deaths have happened due to excessive speed. If you won’t follow the traffic rules you can put your life in danger along with others. Therefore it is our responsibility to follow traffic rules, stop at the red signal and drive at a certain speed limit to prevent accidents.

•Make efforts to be visible to others

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, 75% of deaths were caused because other drivers couldn’t see the bike riders and suddenly hit them. So you should make some effort and maintain visibility. Wear reflective clothes, use headlights and show hands while turning left or right.

•Maintain distance

It is highly recommended to maintain distance and stay at least four seconds away from the automobile next to or in front of you. This will save you from collisions. 

•Drive defensively 

You should observe the hazards of the road. Do look at the road texture, bumps, potholes, the wet or oily road or defence yourself from traffic problems. 

These are some of the crucial tips to help you from road dangers. And don’t forget to get your motorcycle insurance. It will help you against robbery, accidental damages, and third-party liabilities.

The Bottom Lines

 Motorcycle riding gives a mixed feeling of thrill, enjoyment, and happiness. However, you can’t deny that motorcycles are one of the most dangerous vehicles and if you don’t follow the safety measures then there are the chances of an accident. No doubt most of the accidents happened due to the negligence of another motorist. 

If you or your loved one has faced a bike accident due to the negligence of another driver then you must hire a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer. Your lawyer will help you to get compensation for property damage, and physical damage including medical expenses.