Comparing NordVPN with VPN.AC: Which VPN to choose?


Which of the two VPNs is better: NordVPN, or subscribe VPN.AC? We compared the parameters of both VPNs; the sum of divided points is 9,0/10 – 5.1/10.

Connection speed NordVPN – VPN.AC, who is faster?

The speed of downloading and uploading is probably the most important parameter, this also applies to NordVPN and VPN.AC.

We measured the download speed of the first named 183 Mb/s, the average result for the second VPN was 106 Mb/s. NordVPN is about 77 Mb/s faster as VPN.AC.

Measured upload NordVPN reached 103 Mb/s. VPN.AC we averaged 59 Mb/s, because of that, it is 44 Mb/s slower.

We were also finding out average response rate, for the first VPN it was 11 ms. The response of VPN.AC , script measured 24 ms. A lower response speed is more advantageous, so NordVPN turned out 13 ms better.

Point total NordVPN Reviews against VPN.AC so far, it is 7/10 : 7/10.

Thriving NordVPN play Netflix?

Sufficient download speed is essential to unblock foreign Netflix, NordVPN this skill knows. To unblock, you usually just start the VPN and select country, VPN.AC foreign Netflix unlock proves.

You can also use VPN to unblock videos that are unavailable in the current country, whereby VPN.AC this skill does not contain. Compared VPN protection bypass function YouTube videos contains.

Other important VPN functions include DNS leak protection, multi-hop connection, and  network tunneling. As proof NordVPN has protection from disclosure of DNS and VPN.AC such as does not contain whitelist.

In the function’s comparison, the score is 9/10 versus 5/10.

How is going NordVPN in the number of countries and servers on offer?

Too few servers can be a preview of low speed, NordVPN indicates 5 400  servers. In the catalogue VPN.AC we calculated 117  servers. So, the first one of VPNs in the comparison indicates about 5283 more .

For VPN, it is also worth to track the number of countries with servers, by VPN.AC reaches the number of 21. The second VPN has 59, about 38 more. Then in this discipline wins.

Also check the number of simultaneously connectable devices, which NordVPN can 6. VPN.AC will allow to connect at the same time 6 devices. For full list of the features, see the article VPN for Netflix.

What platforms offers NordVPN and which offers VPN.AC?

When choosing a VPN, you need to check the supported devices, NordVPN supports Android platform and connects iPhone devices. Second VPN.AC iOS system covers, Android devices will handle preserve.

Disclosure of VPN user information is governed by the laws of the country where the company is registered. NordVPN has a home in Panama. The second compared VPN originates in Romania.

Program NordVPN is not accessible in other languages VPN.AC to other languages also localized isn`t.

In the grading of supported platforms achieved NordVPN point total 10/10, VPN.AC receives 9/10.

Price of NordVPN and VPN.AC

VPN.AC can be subscribed from $3.91 monthly, the second VPN can be subscribed from $2.94 monthly. The final rating for price/feature ratio is 9/10 for the first of the compared VPNs and 3/10 for the second compared VPN.