20 Incredible Stats About Cash App 


If you want a user-friendly and free mobile banking method, you might try Cash App. With the popular mobile payment interface, you can transfer money, invest, do your taxes, and even buy Bitcoin. Available in the US and UK, Cash App is stiff competition for Venmo, Western Union, and PayPal. 

Maybe you searched who made Cash App or if Cash App is really safe. Owned by Block (formerly Square) and available for Android and iOS devices, Cash App has about 70 million users and has a $73.5 billion valuation. 


  • Send/receive money, buy/sell Bitcoin and stocks
  • Gamble at the casino, access HUGE cash offers, and cash out when you want
  • Trades start at $1, and there are no commission fees
  • Make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted
  • No monthly banking fees or account minimums
  • Get early direct deposit (Cash Card) and ATM reimbursement


  • Only offered in the US and the UK
  • No paper checks, joint accounts, or bank interest

Read below for more helpful information and popular Cash App statistics.

Here is an overview of the stats we cover:

20 Statistics About Cash App (2022 Edition) 

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Cash App Statistics:

  1. Cash App generated $46 million in Bitcoin Gross Profit (Q4 2021).
  2. Cash App has over 70 million users.
  3. Jay-Z is a board member.
  4. Gamblers Love Cash App (for Lucrative $14,000 Cash Match Promos).
  5. Cash App Made $1.96B in Bitcoin Revenue Q4 2021, a 119% increase.
  6. Cash App Instant Transfers are Only 1.5%. 
  7. Cash App Users Can Withdraw $7,000/Daily or $15,000 Monthly.
  8. Cash App has a 4.7/5 Rating.
  9. The Cash App Valuation is Over $73.5 Billion. 
  10. There are About 70 Million Active Users.
  11. Cash App Includes Free Bill Splitting. 
  12. Cash App Generates About $100 in Annual Revenue Per User.
  13. Users Can Access Early Paydays with Cash App.
  14. Cash App Reimburses ATM Fees.
  15. The Cash App Market Share is +9.36% MoM.
  16. Trades Start at $1 with 0 Commission Fees.
  17. Cash App Tax is a Free Way to File.
  18. Cash App Users Have $1.7 billion Stored on the App.
  19. Cash App has 11 Locations and Thousands of Employees.
  20. Cash App is Available in All 50 States.

Cash App Generated $46 Million in Bitcoin Gross Profit (Q4 2021)

While sites like Coinbase are available, users enjoy Cash App’s Bitcoin trading flexibility. As a primary cryptocurrency, consider it more hassle-free less restrictive. 

How much money does Cash App make from Bitcoin transactions? 

  • In 2019, Cash App generated $510 million in Bitcoin revenue
  • In 2020, Cash App generated about $4.57 billion (Q4) in revenue from Bitcoin 
  • In 2021, Cash App generated $10.1 billion in revenue from Bitcoin

Cash App has Over 70 Million Users

If you look at a typical Cash App user and how many people use Cash App, their numbers keep going up:

  • In 2016, they had 3 million users
  • In 2017, they had 7 million users
  • In 2018, they had 15 million users
  • In 2019, they had 24 million users
  • In 2020, they had 36 million users
  • In 2021, they had over 70 million users

Jay-Z is a Board Member

While Jack Dorsey is the CEO for Block (Square), their 12 board members include rapper Jay-Z. They helped start the business in 2013 and turn it into a leading fintech platform.

Gamblers Love Cash App (for Lucrative $14,000 Cash Match Promos).

Jay-Z is not the only one crazy in love with Cash App. The simplified payment option is an acceptable payment method with most online casinos. Gambling using Cash App is so convenient because the Cash Card works like a debit card. Use it to load your casino account with money and when you cash out, put your winnings back on your card. 

High rollers can use Cash App with most casino sign-up bonuses: 

  • Las Atlantis has a whopping 280% up to $14,000 Deposit Match Offer. 
  • Red Dog Casino has a featured  225% up to $12,250 Welcome Bonus (another juicy bone to wag about!).

Cash App Made $1.96B in Bitcoin Revenue Q4 2021, a 119% increase.

With gross profits at $218 million, that is a 124% increase compared to two years ago. For 2020 they generated $5.9 billion in total revenue (a 353% increase).

Cash App Profit:

  • $194 Million in 2018
  • $457 Million in 2019
  • $1.23 Billion in 2020

Cash App Instant Transfers are Only 1.5%

Some transfer services charge high fees. However, with Cash App, you can request instant debit card transfers. Fees are only 1.5% plus .25-cents.

Cash App Users Can Withdraw $7,000/Daily or $15,000 Monthly.

Daily transaction limits give users more flexibility for paying bills and investing. Cash App even offers Bitcoin wallets. Users can transfer Bitcoin to their accounts and withdraw their funds at local ATMs. 

Cash App has a 4.7/5 Rating.

Users rated Cash App with 5-stars (no-fees, ease-of-use) and 4-stars (no paper checks, joint accounts, earned interest, phone support). But email/text is responsive. 

The iOS Store rates Cash App 4.7 stars. Google Play ranks it 4.6/5

Cash App’s Valuation is Over $73.5 Billion

Good investment? Reliable business? People often ask how much is Cash App worth. Their valuation last year was $73.5 billion, 65% of Block’s market cap. 

The application is popular with young adults who want: 

  • Safe and cheap money transfers (send/receive cash)
  • Access to all-in-one banking with a debit card
  • Flexible, mobile investment tools 

There are About 70 Million Active Users.

Cash App is popular with those that do not have good banking relationships and those that have negative experiences (high fees, limited locations) with traditional banks.

Cash App users continue to increase year-over-year: 

  • In 2019, there were 3.5 million people with a Cash Card 
  • In 2020, there were 7 million Cash Card accounts
  • In 2021, there were 70 million active users (Venmo had 75 million)

Cash App Includes Free Bill Splitting. 

Send money instantly to others for free with peer-to-peer payments. For example, if you are dining out together, all you need is their $Cashtag, phone number, or email address.

Cash App Generates About $100 in Annual Revenue Per User.

According to Business Insider, Cash App is doubling its profits annually with users.

  • In 2017, Cash App made $15 per user
  • In 2019, Cash App made $30 per user
  • In 2021, Cash App made $100 per user

The Balance suggests watching out for deposit scams, cash flipping, payment claim scams, and email phishing. Never give your sign-in code on social media or over the phone.

Users Can Access Early Paydays with Cash App.

Often, people will ask what are the cons of Cash App? What are the pros? Cash App’s debit card, Cash Card, has several pro features. Users can use their card like a debit card anywhere Visa is accepted. They can get an early direct deposit. Other advantages include no bank service fees for overdrafts. If you are over the limit, transactions forfeit. 

Cons include it might not be a good fit for business bank accounts. It is also not ideal if you want Robo-advisory features, loans, or access to a savings account as checking accounts do not accrue interest.

Cash App Reimburses ATM Fees.

Cash App charges $2 for ATM withdrawals, while some ATMs charge separate surcharges. Cash App reimburses ATM fees if you maintain $300 in direct deposits. However, there are no monthly fees or foreign transaction fees. 

Cash App’s Market Share is +9.36% MoM

85% of traffic is from mobile devices, versus 46% with Venmo. Users do not need to link a bank account to sign up on the platform. The site only needs your name, zip code, and phone number or email address.

Trades Start at $1 with 0 Commission Fees

With Robinhood experiencing outages and Venmo not offering stock trading, people rely on Cash App for its stable platform and flexible investment banking features.  

Several e-trading options are available. Users can invest in ETFs and stocks for as low as $1, have three-day trades per day during regular trading hours, and buy and sell stocks after hours. Investments are taxed when the user makes account withdrawals. 

Cash App does not charge investing fees or commissions.

Cash App Tax is a Free Way to File

Cash App acquired Credit Karma Tax and is now Cash App Tax. Advantages include free e-filing, smart filing, and free audit defense features. Hence, you can file your federal and state taxes as the application is secure and encrypted. 

Downsides include you cannot import forms or file multiple state returns. There is also currently no upgraded paid version. It is also not ideal for nonresident aliens and those with foreign income.

This helpful feature is ideal for:

  • Freelancers
  • Homeowners
  • Investors
  • Those with state returns
  • Students  

Cash App Users Have $1.7 Billion Stored on the App

People may ask if Cash App is protected by FDIC. While FDIC insurance covers depositors up to $250,000, Cash App is not insured. However, payments are securely encrypted, and users receive special login codes.

Cash App has 11 Locations and Thousands of Employees

As Cash App expands, the number of employees is increasing. They work in divisions like Business, Customer Ops, Counsel, Engineer, Talent, HR, Marketing, and ML+ Data Sciences. Cash App locations include:

  • Charlotte, Portland, Remote,
  • Kitchener-Waterloo, Melbourne, NYC
  • Salt Lake City, San Francisco, St. Louis
  • Sydney, Toronto 

Cash App is available on Facebook and Squarecash under Cash App. On Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, and Twitter: @CashApp. On Reddit: u//CashAppAndi.

Cash App is Available in All 50 States

You might wonder which state uses Cash App the most. It started in California but is available nationwide.

Located at 1455 Market Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA, 94103, you can access Cash App at cash.app/help or by phone at (800) 969-1940


Cash App stats are impressive. With innovative growth attributable to it embracing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Cash app value continues to grow. What an exciting journey as the payment application expands into a larger platform for savings, investing, and trading.